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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Is A Big World. We StreamLine The Process to Make It Easier.

Whether social, email, paid advertising, community management, copywriting, creative development or more. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, we know what it takes to get it right.

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Enhance Your Social

  • Social Media Marketing Management
  • Social / Digital Community Management
  • Email Marketing

Robust Campaigns

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns (Facebook/Instagram, Google/YouTube, Amazon, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Campaign Development/Execution
  • Digital Media + Influencer Buying, Planning & Operations
  • Email Marketing

Extend Your Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
  • Digital Data Analytics (social, mobile, website)

Our Process

01.We Scope The Scene

We work with you to identify your current needs, timeline, budget and then develop a scope of our service that will help you reach your goals. Depending on the project, the scope may be divided into different sections.

02.We Make A Plan

Once we’ve come to an agreement on the scope and move forward with an agreement, we develop a work plan that will outline deliverable and feedback dates for all parties. This plan helps keep us on our agreed upon timeline.

03.We Do The Work

As the work plan is completed, our work is ready to go. In many services, we will have a Brand Kickoff Call or questionnaire for you to fill out. This provides us a deep understanding of your business and your brand desires. As we have this information, we’ll start our work and check in based on the work plan.  

04.You Reach Your Goals

As we complete your project, we’ll package all materials in one place for you to reference. For websites, we’ll provide you with a self-editing tutorial; for brand marketing materials, you have a final folder with all information and we can ingest designs into platforms such as Canva and Mailchimp.

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Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

Project Highlight

For 6 years, our work with Davis and Dingle’s Digital Marketing amassed a 1000% ROI, each year.

Davis and Dingle was one of the only dentistries in the South Carolina region investing in cross channel digital marketing services across social, search, email and website channels.The practice was also one of the only dentistries with a majority of Black and Latinx patients who spanned across generations. We found 40% of Columbia, SC residents were Black while 5% of the residents represented the Latinx community.

Drawing upon our insights on the value of focusing on diverse communities across their generations, we launched a two-year campaign entitled “Project Cross-Gen and Cross-Culture” (PCGCC).
This campaign focused our communications strategy in two ways:
• Creating campaigns and messages that spoke directly to millennial and baby boomer audiences
• Creating campaigns and messages reflective of diverse cultures, particularly Black and Latinx communities

The PCGCC campaign generated 175% more leads than its previous year and provided millions in collected revenue and patient lifetime value. The return on investment for the cost of agency services compared to patient lifetime value was 10x the digital marketing investment. The following year, using the framework of “Project Cross-Gen and Cross-Culture,” StreamLined launched the “Reclaiming My Smile” campaign that was distributed across social, radio, out of home and direct mail for 10 months. This campaign, focused on reinvigorating patient’s enthusiasm for oral health that will help them live their best lives, was a success! Davis and Dingle saw another 180% increase in YOY leads and its ROI remains at 10x the digital marketing spend.

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About StreamLined

StreamLined is a culture-first creative, digital and brand communications agency that helps you reach your company’s goals. We have a native speciality in storytelling, advertising, and marketing across channels. For the past 10 years, StreamLined has successfully planned, designed and developed brands and campaigns that have influenced millions for clients in various industries. 

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