Impactful Information

Insights & Analytics

Research for a better future.

To strategize on how to make a better presence in any landscape, you must first understand it. We analyze where you are to better strategize to get you to where you want to be.

Social Listening Brand & Competitive Analysis

Learn what your customers, haters and competitors are saying about you on social media—it really does matter. Our tools help you assess the brand health of your brand, and map key competitor metrics to ensure you’re 2 steps ahead of others.

People Analysis

It’s not about the what—it’s about the who. Our People Analyses analyzes the footprint and psychographics Beyond demographics, we analyze the consumer’s digital footprint and psychographics to expose passion points that drive behavior. This unique way of segmenting has implications for media targeting, content, and community strategy.

Business Intelligence

Big Data = Big Opportunity when you know what to do with it. At StreamLined, our data scientists find new opportunities for your brand by analyzing the online and offline data at your brand’s fingertips.

True Analytics

Real time monitoring and tracking to ensure constant optimization opportunities across all audiences, channels, and campaigns.